Tuesday, 23 February 2010

If you've been following these posts from the beginning, you'll be aware that I took photos during the invasion and the period immediately after. These photos were widely exhibited during the 1980s, but have sat gathering dust in a portfolio since then.

With each post that I have published in this series, I have spent a substantial amount of time hunting out appropriate images to use. Once I arrived at the point where I was recording the events depicted in my own photos, it made sense to scan the images and include them here.

But I had serious reservations. In the first post, I mentioned that I had been contacted some time ago by an ex US marine who wondered if I had any photos other than this one - the only one available online at that time.

I'm also very aware that there is an abundance of forums etc where ex and current soldiers swap memories and anecdotes of the 'good old days'.I was very concerned that any photos I published on my blog could be copied elsewhere for people to share with the prime purpose of identifying fellow combatants, taking the events they depict out of context. Once an image is published online, it's impossible to prevent this happening.

After long and careful thought (and the advice of many online supporters and friends who have kept me going and whose support has been invaluable) I came up with the answer. As is so often the case, once I worked out the solution it was glaringly obvious. I will only use photos with content that will not enable non-Grenadians to identify themselves and each other. Although this means I won't publish some of the best images, this seems a small price to pay.

On an unrelated personal note, I want to apologise for the delay in producing the next post in the series. This is due to a combination of other work needing to take priority and a septic thumb, resulting in all typing being done with one hand.

I'm sorry if you're waiting for the next episode and promise to get round to it ASAP.